Workshop Democracy and Participation v Global Public Goods and Commons

On 6 September 2017 The Interest Group in International Legal Theory and Philosophy will hold a workshop on the occasion of the ESIL Annual Conference in Naples.

The pursuit of general interest through global public goods and global commons using traditional international law mechanisms poses multiple challenges. These challenges cannot be addressed adequately without taking into consideration what could be called the ‘democratic participation gap’ in international law and global governance, more broadly. Many potentially affected stakeholders are absent or under-represented in decision-making processes about the definition and provision of global public goods and global commons. How does international law and modern international law scholarship address this challenge? Taking into account international law’s own uneasiness with democracy, the urgency of reflecting on this issue becomes even more evident. This workshop brings together scholars providing different but complementary insights into these democratic and participatory challenges.

The workshop will take place from 11am to 1pm. The speakers are:

Eva Kassoti, Integrating Democratic and Participatory Principles in the Definition of Global Public Goods: International Lawyers and Existential Angst

Samuel Cogolati, International Law to Save the Commons? The Protection of Commons through Participatory Rights in Development

Aravind Ganesh, Unilateral Jurisdiction to Provide Global Public Goods: A Republican Theory

The workshop is organised by Ekaterina Yahyaoui and Claudio Corradetti

More information about the 2017 ESIL conference is available here.